• Rescue Dog

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    Rescue Dog

    A Poem By Lisa Sellman

    I completely loathe the hours that I spend at work;

    I file papers and type all day and my boss is a jerk.

    My life was destined to be exciting, unique & thrilling;

    Instead I spend my day longing for a job that is fulfilling.

    I was a full bright scholar in my youth;

    I was envied by all, if you want the truth.

    My parents demanded that I attend law school;

    Instead I became a mime and thought it was cool.

    I adored Mercel Marceau and planned to be a star;

    I stopped going to classes and told my teachers, au revoir.

    My days were spent doing the art that I so adored;

    Instead of reality, I lived via my vision board.

    I only am now happy when I leave my desk at the DMV;
    I rush home as fast as I can like a just released parolee.

    My home is shared with someone who finds me perfect;

    Instead of co-workers ready to judge my intellect.

    I used to come home and my only friend was Judge Judy;

    I now am languished by kisses from my dog Rudy.

    My wit is amazing and my sense of humor divine;

    Instead of a boss that hates me, I am loved by this canine.

    I found him by accident while looking on Craig’s List;

    I was taken with his beautiful eyes and could not resist.

    My heart was so broken and needed repair;

    Instead of me rescuing him, he was the answer to my prayer.